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” they always tell you not to dream, not to look out that window and dream reality away. The truth is its the most important thing in the world” - Michael Morpurgo

Tame Impala- Lonerism

‘Lonerism’ has been compared to albums of the late 60’s and 70’s, but if that wasn’t the goal Kevin Parker’s band then they’ve created a very interesting piece of music. Parker’s voice has been criticized for being too much like John Lennon’s;  in all honesty it’s evident that it’s essential to have influence to create a new idea or new sound, it’s impossible to create anything from scratch. Jayson Greene lovingly described Parker’s Lennon-esque voice as “like someone trapped John Lennon’s vocals from ‘A Day In The Life’ in a jar and taught it to sing new songs”.  



Open Your EyesJack Hardwicke 


Open Your Eyes
Jack Hardwicke 


 New trailer for Gangster Squad: watch now
The new trailer for Gangster Squad has emerged online, and it’s more violent and more hard-boiled than any of the teasers that have gone before…

Daughter - Smother -7” Single

Daughter’s trio have slipped out this single without a trace. The first song ‘Smother’ is whispered out of our speakers by the beautiful voice of Elana Torna at an alarming rate. When transported to her world you soon realize the amount of emotion crammed into the song and before you know it, you wake up and the single is clicking desperately waiting to be turned.

The B-side is a lot longer but no less heart-felt. The lyrics tell the story of a pair of star crossed lovers who ‘run’ from their problems after having numerous chances to face them. The use of Igor’s finger style guitar here really puts you in the story Elana is describing; mix that with the boom of Remi’s percussion and you’re there. 

Overall this is an excellent single from Daughter and we can’t wait to listen to their single which comes out in January. 



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Glockenspiel Song - Dog Is Dead

Dog Is Dead- Sat 3rd Nov -The Haunt

Dog Is Dead have had huge summer success after becoming a favorite of Radio 1 DJ; Huw Stevens. The Nottingham boys seem to have resurrected something long missed from the indie-pop scene; variety. The combination of the glockenspiel, sax and howling a-capella creates an atmosphere which you can’t help but move to. Having also released their debut album ‘All Our Favorite Stories’ in October, this lot are certainly on the road to something big.